Benefits of Recycled Plastic

Our stunning range of sustainable plastic outdoor furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic, this helps in not only reducing global emissions but also maintaining a lower carbon footprint

The key benefits of recycled plastic garden furniture


Our sustainable garden furniture is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, meaning that valuable waste is given a second lease of life


Our 100% recycled plastic is durable and tough. It isn’t prone to cracking or drying out and is resistant to insect attacks


As a non-absorbing material, our recycled plastic is resistant to the elements and will not degrade over time due to weathering

Easy To Clean

Recycled plastic furniture is incredibly easy to clean. Day-to-day dirt can be removed with a simple soap and water solution

Splinter Free

Unlike more traditional wooden garden furniture, recycled plastic furniture is splinter-free, which makes it an ideal choice for public spaces


Recycled plastic is resistant to staining, scratches and marks because of its surface properties. A great choice for public spaces


Recycled plastic doesn’t splinter, rot or degrade as it ages. It’s the ideal choice for any environment that is wet or damp

Maintenance Free

Recycled plastic does not require any chemical treatments or painting prior to use, or during its lifetime. It is maintenance free

Our Process

We Take Used Everyday Plastic Items

These are separated out into the plastics that we can use. The plastics we can use are then washed, ready for shredding.

Break Them Down Into Granules

The plastics are shredded down to form granules which are then used to form whatever product we are making.

Then Turn Them Into Durable Furniture

This offers our customers all of the benefits of durable plastic furniture but with a more sustainable, eco-friendly ethos.

Why Choose Recycled Furniture?

The question is, why wouldn’t you choose recycled furniture? It is a sustainable, durable and very eco-friendly furniture option that will help you do your part for the environment and help to offset your carbon footprint.

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