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We are SGM Recycled Plastics, a Leicestershire-based company that specialises in the sale, design and manufacture of bespoke recycled plastic outdoor furniture for businesses and individuals.

Our Company

As a company, we are passionate about doing our bit for the environment, producing eco-friendly products and helping people to do what they can to offset their carbon footprint in a society that is becoming increasingly more conscious of their impact on the world around them. We love making bespoke furniture solutions for our clients that are not only great for the environment but fill a need that they are struggling to find anywhere else.

Eco-Friendly Furniture For Individuals & Businesses

If you are looking for eco-friendly furniture for your own home or for your business, then we can help you. At SGM Recycled Plastics, we have a range of stunning furniture that is the ideal choice for any education setting. It is also perfect for attractions where durability is a must, bars and restaurants and even for use in the home or garden.

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Recycled Bespoke Furniture

Sometimes finding that perfect piece of furniture to fit a very unique requirement can be rather difficult. At SGM Recycled Plastics, our team of highly experienced designers are here to help you with your requirements. They can help you by designing and creating the perfect recycled plastic bespoke furniture to suit your requirements.

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Our Core Values


All our outdoor furniture is of the highest quality and suitable for use in a commercial environment. Everything comes from sustainable and renewable sources and is EU-compliant.


All our furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic, which is eco-friendly and sustainable. We ensure that everything we produce is done so using materials that are sourced to our ethical standards of production.

Customer First

Excellence in customer service is at the heart of everything that we do. Our friendly team of customer service representatives are always on hand to assist with all your questions.

Why We Recycle

As a company, we understand just how important it is to take charge of the impact that we have on the environment and our carbon footprint. We recycle not only because it is the right thing to do but because it makes sense. Our recycled products are durable, sturdy and eco-friendly.

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